Thursday, June 8, 2017

Non-dual Thinking

     Three years ago, in a fit of grace, I gave up figuring things out. You know how something happens- your back goes out, your child fails out, someone is unkind to you- then you spend hours and hours replaying the event trying to decide why it happened or how you could have (woulda, shoulda) changed the outcome. I decided that it was a waste of my time when I'll never know the true answer.
     What was a neat side effect was how it opened my mind more easily to non-dual thinking, being able to hold two opposite things as true. Dualism is all about choosing sides; men are better than women, beauty is better than ugliness, America is better than everybody else. Non-dual thinking can see each sex as even, the beauty in ugliness, and that every country is both good and bad at the same time.
      As an energy healer, there is a lot of letting go. Allopathic (MD) medicine says this, chiropractic (DC) says that, Naturopathic (ND) offers a different perspective, and what about the osteopaths (DO)? Often my experiences as a reiki practitioner and teacher say something else entirely. I think we are probably all right and wrong at the same time. It all comes down to language and accepting that each client is completely different.
      This week I've been preparing for my monthly reiki share. The class on the pineal and pituitary glands is mostly written, house mostly tidy, accompanying YouTube video posted. As I was working on the video I struggled to communicate the function of the pineal gland. Modern medicine says it is an 'atrophied photoreceptor' that secretes melatonin and has 'an exalted status in the realm of pseudoscience' (quotes from Wikipedia). Hanna Kroeger said that the pineal gland is the door to God's grace (Seven Spiritual Causes of Ill Health). But what is the difference between atrophied photoreceptor and the third eye?
     For me it is all in the experience. When I perform the maneuver to open the pineal gland, I can feel the change in my meditation, emotional stability, and ability to go to sleep. Clients have reported similar experiences. Calling things pseudoscience is just fear looking at the undiscovered reality that we swim in.  Who could fund the study to confirm this and how could you control for other factors. I have no idea, so instead I choose to hold both ideas gently at the same time. Non-dual thinking to the rescue!

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